Technical & Engineering Roles

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Technical & Engineering Roles

Recent Positions successfully filled include:

  • Jul 2019         Senior Control Systems Engineer                   Energy Control Solutions
  • Jun 2019        Technical Support Team Lead                        Smart Inverter Technology
  • Apr 2019        Technical Customer Support                           Smart Inverter Technology
  • Dec 2018        Demand Response Manager                           Electricity Retailer
  • Oct 2018         Senior Technical Support Specialist              Smart Inverter Technology
  • Oct 2018         Electricity Market Compliance Manager      Renewable Energy Project Developer
  • Aug 2018        Senior Project Engineer                                   Renewable Energy Developer
  • Jul 2018          Assistant Project Manager                              Renewable Energy Developer
  • May 2018        Senior Commercial Analyst                            Renewable Energy Project Developer
  • May 2018        Energy Storage Systems Engineer                Renewable Energy Project Developer
  • Apr 2018         Contract Administrator                                    Solar Tracking Systems
  • Apr 2018         Development Project Assistant                      Renewable Energy Project Developer
  • Apr 2018         Senior Energy Efficiency Consultant             Energy Retailer
  • Feb 2018         Data Analyst                                                      Renewable Energy Project Developer
  • Jan 2018         Technical Writer                                               Smart Inverter Technology
  • Jan 2018         Wind Farm Technical Analyst                        Renewable Energy Project Developer
  • Dec 2017         Construction Project Manager                       Renewable Energy Project Developer
  • Nov 2017         Geotechnical Engineer                                   Solar Tracking Systems
  • Oct 2017          Senior Electronics Engineer                          Smart Inverter Technology
  • Oct 2017          Project Civil Engineer                                     Renewable Energy Project Developer
  • Sep 2017         Commissioning Technicians                          Solar Tracking Systems
  • Aug 2017         Senior Energy Efficiency Consultant            Energy Retailer
  • Jun 2017          Project Development Manager                     Renewable Energy Project Developer
  • Apr 2017          Technical Help Desk Agent (Tier 2)              Smart Inverter Technology
  • Feb 2017          Electrical Engineer                                          Smart Inverter Technology
  • Jan 2017           Electrical Systems Trainer                             Smart Inverter Technology
  • Jan 2017           Software Tester                                                Smart Inverter Technology
  • Dec 2016          Full Stack .NET Developers                          Smart Inverter Technology
  • Nov 2016          Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant        Smart Inverter Technology
  • Oct 2016           ASP.NET MVC Developer                             Smart Inverter Technology
  • Aug 2016          Grid Connections Strategy Manager          Renewable Energy Project Developer
  • Jun 2016          Software Testers                                             Smart Inverter Technology
  • Mar 2016          QA Test Lead                                                  Smart Inverter Technology
  • Feb 2016          System Architect                                            Smart Inverter Technology

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