Corporate & Professional Roles

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Corporate & Professional Roles

Recent Positions successfully filled include:

  • Dec 2017          Business Development Manager              Renewable Energy Project Developer
  • Aug 2017          Senior Energy Efficiency Consultant         Energy Retail
  • May 2017         Technical Help Desk Agent (Tier 1)            Smart Inverter Technology
  • Mar 2017          Technical Help Desk Agent (Tier 1)            Smart Inverter Technology
  • Jan 2017           Executive Assistant                                       Smart Inverter Technology
  • Oct 2016           UI/UX Designer                                            Smart Inverter Technology
  • Oct 2016           Graphic Designer                                          Smart Inverter Technology
  • Aug 2016          Solar Sales Advisor                                       Solar System Installer
  • Jul 2016            Data Scientist                                                 Smart Inverter Technology
  • Mar 2016          Head of Design                                              Smart Inverter Technology

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