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The Race is On

With 6,000 MW of renewable energy capacity to build by 2020, where are all those people going to be recruited from? Today’s announcement from ARENA on the winners of funding for solar projects feels a bit like a starting gun. Certainly the last six months have seen an uplift in renewable energy recruitment but much […]

A peach or a lemon?

Is your next hire a peach or a lemon? Is your next job a peach or a lemon? How will you know before it is too late? A few days ago, on The Economist Radio, Andrew Palmer and James Astill were discussing George Akerlof’s 1970 paper, The Market for Lemons: Quality Uncertainty and the Market […]

Jobs Automation and the Circular Economy

Nearly half of all jobs in Australia will be lost within 20 years, because of automation and computerisation. Incredible, isn’t it? But that’s PWC’s forecast in its recent report, The STEM Imperative. If this isn’t alarming enough, research commissioned by The Foundation for Young Australians found that 60% of students in Australia are studying for jobs in which the vast majority will be lost or radically changed by automation.

The Data or The Hunch

When recruiting staff should you base your decision on your gut instinct (your “hunch”) or should you look at the numbers and make a data-based decision? This important question was recently discussed in a podcast by Matthew Sweet, Ian Leslie and Kenneth Cukier, following an article, The Data or The Hunch, in Intelligent Life magazine. […]

There’s a career in solar, but will it be in Australia?

Politicians have a horrible tendency to focus on the short term. But at least a poor government never lasts very long, especially when it starts fighting itself, like our current one, and failing to adapt to changing circumstances. Just as business needs to embrace change so do governments. And the Prime Minister has put himself […]