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EnergyLab Melbourne | Smart Buildings & Automation

Join EnergyLab for drinks and a discussion on smart buildings and automation with a panel of experts. With the turn of the millennium nearly two decades behind us, and the world changing quicker than ever, smart technology is becoming increasingly commonplace. Whether to save money, add convenience or improve efficiency; from recurring orders to automatic […]

The EV tipping point?

The recent announcement by ARENA of the $15 million funding for Evie Networks, as well as the previous $6 million for Charge Fox, to build renewable energy ultra-fast charging networks, could be the tipping point for EV uptake in Australia. If car dealerships can work out a business model that will enourage them to sell […]

The next wave of solar innovation

Well done to the team at BlueVolt in raising the recent seed funding. This is a crucial step forward on the journey to a product launch. While solar module costs plummet, and batteries look like they will follow that cost curve too, installation remains expensive and labour intensive. The next wave of disruption in solar […]

Weight-loss in PV

PV manufacturers supply lighter solutions that save costs and increase rooftop viability.