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AIE YEP | Social Acceptance and Public Legitimacy for Renewable Energy

AIE YEP SYDNEY Social Acceptance and Public Legitimacy for Renewable Energy Wednesday 6th November Join the AIE Young Energy Professionals for an evening on the topic of the social acceptance of renewable energy and the social impact of deploying renewable energy resources. Community engagement, for example, often plays an important role in determining the success of […]

Ambition on this scale always welcome

It was recently reported by Jacob Greber in the AFR that the ambitious Sun Cable project has attracted potential investment from one of Australia’s most high profile investors and recent success stories. It is an ambitious project and gives hope to innovation in Australia that is too often strangled by politics and regulatory capture. https://www.afr.com/policy/energy-and-climate/cannon-brookes-plan-to-export-aussie-solar-power-to-singapore-20190924-p52u9o […]

EnergyLab Melbourne | Smart Buildings & Automation

Join EnergyLab for drinks and a discussion on smart buildings and automation with a panel of experts. With the turn of the millennium nearly two decades behind us, and the world changing quicker than ever, smart technology is becoming increasingly commonplace. Whether to save money, add convenience or improve efficiency; from recurring orders to automatic […]